Manufacturer of Hidden Doorways
and Secret Passageways. 


For over 20 years Thomas Custom Woodwork has been designing and installing high quality finish carpentry and cabinets in northern California.
Throughout that time we have also designed and built cabinets and furniture that function as secret or hidden doors. Along the way we have developed many unique and time tested methods for accomplishing this without compromising the look and feel of what custom woodwork and furniture should exhibit.

After custom building over 500 hidden doors sold nationwide through distributors we are ready to offer this service directly to the trade.

This site is devoted to presenting and explaining in detail this part of our company's offering.

As with everything we build our focus is on designing and building high quality unique products and meeting or exceeding the most challenging requirements from our customers.

We work in any style or wood species and remain flexible in our production to allow for truly custom woodwork and furniture.

Why our Hidden Doors are "unique"

Our hidden door designs are not limited to rectangular cases and frames or flat faces. We have also built round top cases and jambs, curved faced cabinets and jambs for curved walls, as well as angled top cabinet and for stairway walls.

We can incorporate poly cast art display niches, decorative wood carvings, lighting and glass shelving along with full automation, remote controls and locks into our designs.

We have intergrated security and rated doors into our designs when needed.

Hidden door cabinets can be fully freestanding in front of an existing doorway and made to any furniture style.

Our hinges and seams are truly hidden! Others install a fully exposed "piano hinge" down the side of the cabinet, between its frame and a second 'layered' fixed frame. Take a look at a medicine cabinet door, a wall mounted ironing board or piano keyboard lid for practical examples of this plain-view method.

Another popular but mechanically faulty method involves the use of concealed cabinet door hinges stacked closely together. We have replaced many of these 'cabinet shop' built units as the cabinet door hinges breakdown after moderate useage. They simply are not designed to take the vertical load incurred by a full-sized hidden door cabinet.

Although many orders we receive are for one of the three basic types of hidden door, we are willing to design around just about any specifications required. All we ask is that you provide as much information as possible concerning your expectations of function and accessibility through the doorway. If we cannot meet any of the requirements, we will honestly tell you before trying to make a sale.



For your convenience.
We look forward to working with you!


For your convenience.
We look forward to working with you!

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