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Inward swinging cabinets on ball-bearing door butt hinges:
These  designs swing away from a  fixed cabinet frame or decorative surround.  Some have a second inner frame on which to mount cabinet doors.  In these instances the seam is concealed in the groove of an inset panel molding or beaded casing. We also have a design that allows for a tight fit to the floor without a fixed bottom cabinet rail to step over in cases where items must be rolled through the opening. The hidden door example to the right shows an interior door and electric strike which finish off the backside and provide a positive lock.
Outward swinging up to 180 degrees:
These hidden door designs use heavy duty SOSS hinges to allow full access through the width of the opening.  This is helpful in narrower openings under 36".  Again, the seams are fully concealed within panel molding profiles.
Pivoting cabinets:
Combination slide in/out + hinged cabinet:
These cabinets are typically 36" and wider.  They swivel on heavy duty ball bearing turntables that are modified and welded to steel support plates.  In their basic form, these cabinets swing 90 degrees within their fixed frames.  But because the openings are wider to begin with, the space left over in the opening is enough to walk through comfortably.

Some hidden door pivoting cabinets have been built to swivel 360 degrees, some with fully functioning cabinets or interior door panels on the back side.

This design allows for larger inward swinging cabinets as one section, instead of multiple separate sections that others are limited to by their piano or door butt hinge methods.
These designs allow for extra deep cabinets in narrow openings.  Angled backs are not required, and the design also allows for integration into or next to other standard cabinet designs.
Fully automated open and close, electronic and hidden latches:
Automate the opening and closing of your hidden door along with concealing the method of activation.

Install electronic latches with battery backup and secret methods of activating.

Hidden slide bolts - a simple, cost effective way to secure the passageway.
Automated Cabinet Video
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We look forward to working with you!
NFIB:  The Voice of Small Business
We look forward to working with you!